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I'm a big guy. I like to meet guys in the St. Pete area, visitors to the area, and guys in places where I'm planning to visit!

6', 255lbs, 59, Bald w/ Dark Blond/gray hair, full beard, Glasses, Green Eyes, average UC. I'm a big guy, I have a gut. I'm no muscle bear but I am attracted to Muscle Bears, Athletic Guys, Bears, Cubs, Otters, Wolves, Chasers & Masculine guys in general... I tend to be sexually attracted to guys that are not as overweight as I am... however, I have no physical boundaries for friendship! I'm a Pogonophile!

I'm very tactile and I love to passionately kiss. I'm more oral than top these days. My nipples are Hot Wired! I'm generally a shy person until I get to know someone and then I warm up.

I'm a clean guy... I guess I naively assume a bottom would clean out his ass before sex... at least take a shower... I have been mistaken more than a few times... I hate a dirty ass!

I like to keep busy, but I love Chilaxin' too! I love cultural events. I have a BFA in Theatre and will go to the theatre whenever I can. I also love to travel. I like to go out & do stuff with friends. I enjoy keeping busy.

I have no STD's, I'm a nonsmoker, social drinker.

I didn't get the sports gene, or the hiking gene, don't care what kind of car you drive... I used to play Gay Softball & Gay Bowl . . . now I just Gay Watch TV . . .

I have many friends: Bear, Gay, Str8, Male, Female, etc. I'm open to friendship to anyone who is a decent person. I hate fake people, liars, addicted people, & I especially hate people that take advantage of other people.

I shower at least once a day. I don't do drugs, nonsmoker, allergic to tobacco & cats but I'm an animal lover so I manage my allergies with medication.

Know your status! I'm HIV Negative, on PrEP.

Jim Bruin
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